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The mission of Right Steps Child Development Centers is to provide and advocate for quality child care and early education.

Your donation will help support our four child development centers that serve children up to six years old. We strive for excellence and continue to meet the requirements for state licensing, national accreditation, and Level 4 Paths to QUALITY certifications. Our facilities help ensure children receive the best care and education for a successful future.


This is Isabell at Right Steps Wabash Landing in 2004

Isabell in 2002

Isabell's parents enrolled her in 2002, when she was 8 weeks old. They were brand new parents who were relieved to be able to afford licensed, accredited center car with a little subsidy from our sliding fee scale. They could work knowing Isabell was being safely cuddled, rocked, fed, and experiencing new things every day.

By the time Isabell was in the two year old room she was living in a single parent household. Luckily, the sliding fee scale support could increase, so that Mom was able to stay employed throughout the transition, and Isabell was happy to be with all of her friends, and developing right on target. It was great that even though her family life was drastically different, things were still the same at the center!

Isabell Today

Isabell remembers fondly her time in the Pre-K room. She says, "I liked the stories at group time on the carpet. I remember that I LOVED being the leader on the handled rope they used for our walks every day!" By the time she was entering Kindergarten, Isabell was meeting all the standards for success, and was very socially comfortable in a school environment. Isabell is now a joyful 7th grader who loves school, volleyball, art, and playing the trumpet. Help all the kids have access to consistent care that nutures, cares, and prepares them with a donation to Right Steps Child Development Centers today.

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